February 26, 2009

Street Chic

Editorial: The Right Accesory

Harper's Bazaar US March 2009

Model: Catherine McNeil and Robert Buckley

by Peter Lindbergh

via models.nl


  1. I loved this editorial! Especially the second photo.
    The bunny is prettier than the bunny from Donnie Darko :D kisses from Spain!

  2. hi! after two weeks trying to come into your other blog (I have put a note in my last two posts to warn you) Today I saw that you have another blog and this blog if I can go, I'm very happy to continue visiting your blog!
    Great images in Fashion Pulse, I love you new blog!!!!!!!


  3. darling. what a tres magnifique new blog you got here! amazing.
    this post is too sweet with one of the last photos where he kisses her hand.
    and the previous post of Erwin Olaf. the man is amazing! woohoo yeaay Amsterdam (normally not so proud of our cold and grey country).

    congrats on the beautiful creation called Fashion Pulse. x

  4. These photos are great. She's beautiful. I love her different outfits. It's neat to see her and her man. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  5. Catherine McNeil is one of my favorite models . . . and it was such a nice surprise at the end that it was Robert Buckley in the bunny suit - such a cutie!


  6. I love this. I love her jeans in the last photo!

  7. those are awesome pictures...I love the use of the bunny, so cool

  8. These are such awewsome pics ! Brilliant idea


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