April 2, 2009

Celebrating the Art of the Fashion Sketch

The Society of Illustrators opens their new museum exhibition, "In the Line of Fashion", today.

Illustration by Alvaro
Illustration by Chuck Nitzberg, collage with gouache and acetate. (1980)
Cocktail Party
Illustration by Eric. (1944)
Evening Catwalk
Illustration by Bil Donovan, collage of cut paper, cover of Italian WWD. (1988)
Giant Versace
Illustration by Antonio Lopez
Lavender Sweatpants
Illustration by Chuck Nitzberg, gouache and pencil. (2008)
Illustration by McClelland Barclay, advertisement for Hummingbird Hosiery Company. (ca. forties)
Illustration by Rene Robert Bouche, watercolor and gouache. (ca. forties)
J'Adore Coco
Illustration by Steven Broadway, gouache and pencil. (2009)
The Bumble Bee Girl
Illustration by Karen Santry, oil on rosewood, mounted on rice paper. (2007)
Photo: Courtesy of Society of Illustrators and nymag.com
Society of Illustrators Museum, 128 E. 63rd St., nr. Lexington Ave. (212-838-2560); T (10–8), W–F (10–5), S (noon–4), Su, M (closed). April 1–May 2. Free admission.


  1. I so want to see this exhibit. I have some Chanel and Halston illustrations hanging in my house done by Antonio Lopez, he is amazing! I also love the J'adore Coco by Steven Broadway. Illustrations are so inspiring.

  2. I love this illustrations!!!
    Good post.;)

  3. These are great. I've always enjoyed looking at things like this.

  4. Great artwork and all handskills too - check out Lynette Ross (mother of DC comics - Alex Ross) she did Fashion Illustration in the 50s. Her work is stunning..

  5. It would be amazing to see the exhibit. I especially love the last picture.

  6. these are lovely.....I am obsessed with that last photo!

  7. wow these are all so amazing! such a good share - thanks for this honey!
    and thank you so much for your kind comments too.

    much love lm xx

  8. i love fashion illustration, i'm just rubbish at it. I love Steven Broadway's illustration you've shown.shame th exhibition is miles from me :(

  9. Oh how gorgeous! I love fashion illustrations!


  10. I would love to say silly, I admire all my colleagues!


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