June 30, 2009

Almost Rose vs. Green & Yellow

Absolutely Fabulous needs help! Which Header you like the most?
"Almost Rose" or "Green & Yellow"?
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  1. I like the almost rose one, however, "by Fashion Moment" would need to be in white or silver to stand out a bit more. xxx

  2. hmm they are both amazing! ...but, pink is my favorite color, so I will have to pick "almost rose"


    prelepe su oba! ova originalna je mnogo divna isto!

  3. I vote for green!

    I love the color combo and the way her face is just sort of cropped out... such fun voting for things. :)

  4. Hope it's OK to leave my two cents, just came across your blog :) Both are beautiful but I'm leaning towards "Green & Yellow", the yellow just pops!

    I just love Scriptina (use the font on my header too) http://extradots.blogspot.com

  5. ooooo
    thats a tough one
    they are both great!
    why decide on one? switch them out
    I am going to start doing that with my header
    I may change colors according to the holiday of that month for example...
    red for valentines, orange for Halloween, pink for breast cancer awareness, etc
    or just change it because I get BORED easily
    If I had to decide, then it would be the green, which is funny since I am not really a fan of green {unless on mula, hehehe}

  6. i like the almost rose the best! they're both wonderful!

  7. I like the green and yellow one. The first one is a bit scary to me because of her expression. Sorry about the honesty, lol; both graphics are very well done however. But the green and yellow is definitely favored. ;)

  8. I love them both, but think I prefer the green/yellow!

  9. thanks for the add:) i am following you now!

  10. green yellow gets my vote. great blog, too!

  11. I love the green one! Voting is so fun haha!

  12. Ohh woah, both are so awesome. I think the pink one! I adore rose pink.


  13. simply fantastic ~! or i'd say classic ! Suave !


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